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Insolvencies and Business Turnarounds

Uryu & Itoga regularly represents clients in connection with business turnaround and insolvency issues, including:
- Bankruptcies
- Civil rehabilitations
- Corporate reorganizations
- Special liquidations
- Voluntary liquidations, including alternative dispute resolutions (ADRs) for business turnarounds

We represent not only distressed parties, but also creditors, sponsors, shareholders and other related parties, in cases relating to industries that include the following:
- Real estate
- Furniture sales
- Apparel
- Information technology
- Hotel, hospital and golf course management
- Construction material wholesaling

Uryu & Itoga is particularly notable for leveraging its legal, accounting and tax capabilities together to prepare and verify turnaround plans. In addition, our attorneys are often selected to serve as administrators and other officers of the court, who play key roles in resolving insolvencies in Japan.

Uryu & Itoga is also rare among Japanese firms in that we make a conscious effort to develop new procedures suited to the specifics of a case, instead of relying upon precedent procedures that may have lost effectiveness amid Japan’s rapidly-changing regulatory climate. For instance, we were the first law firm in Japan to use a spin-off incorporation-type company split in civil rehabilitation proceedings.