Republic of South Africa
Infrastructure Development Act, 2014
(Act No. 23 of 2014)


To provide for the facilitation and co-ordination of public infrastructure development which is of significant economic or social importance to the Republic; to ensure that infrastructure development in the Republic is given priority in planning, approval and implementation; to ensure that the development goals of the state are promoted through infrastructure development; to improve the management of such infrastructure during all life-cycle phases, including planning, approval, implementation and operations; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, as follows:—

Table of Contents

Part 1
Definitions and objects of Act

1. Definitions
2.Objects and implementation of Act


Part 2
Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission
and structures of Commission

3. Structures and composition of Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission
4. Functions of Council
5. Expropriation of land by Commission
6. Management Committee


Part 3
Strategic integrated projects

7. Requirements for strategic integrated projects and designation of Chairpersons of strategic integrated projects
8. Designation and implementation of strategic integrated projects


Part 4
Implementing structures of Commission

9. Secretariat of Commission
10. Functions of Secretariat
11. Main purposes of steering committees
12. Appointment and composition of multidisciplinary steering committees
13. Disqualification from membership of steering committees, disclosure and offences relating thereto
14. Functions of steering committees
15. Approvals, authorisations, licences, permissions and exemptions
16. Steering committees and procedures


Part 5

17. Processes relating to implementation of strategic integrated projects
18. Environmental assessments


Part 6
General provisions

19. Reporting by Minister
20. Delegation and assignment
21. Regulations, guidelines and targets
22. Transitional provisions and savings
23. Short title and commencement


(Section 7(1)(a))

Public installations, structures, facilities, systems, services or processes in respect of which projects may be designated as strategic integrated projects


(Section 17(2))
Process and periods of time

(Section 22(1))
Strategic integrated projects which exist when this Act commences