TOPアジア経済法令ニュース2015年インドConsolidated FDI Policy(目次)


2015年インドConsolidated FDI Policy(目次)

Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion


Consolidated FDI Policy

(Effective May12, 2015)




Chapter 1: Intent and Objective

1.1 Intent and Objective


Chapter 2: Definitions

2.1 Definitions


Chapter 3: General Conditions on FDI

3.1 Who Can Invest in India?

3.2 Entities into which FDI can be made

3.3 Types of Instruments

3.4 Issue/Transfer of Shares

3.5 Specific Conditions in Certain Cases

3.6 Entry Routes for Investment

3.7 Caps on Investments

3.8 Entry Conditions on Investment

3.9 Other Conditions on Investment Besides Entry Conditions

3.10 Foreign Investment into/downstream Investment by Indian Companies


Chapter 4: Calculation of Foreign Investment

4.1 Total Foreign Investment i.e. Direct and Indirect Foreign Investment in Indian Companies


Chapter 5: Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB)

5.1 Constitution of FIPB

5.2 Levels of Approvals for Cases under Government Route

5.3 Cases which do not require Fresh Approval

5.4 Online Filing of Applications for FIPB/Government’s Approval


Chapter 6: Sector Specific Conditions on FDI

6.1 Prohibited Sectors

6.2 Permitted Sectors



6.2.1 Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

6.2.2 Tea Plantation


Mining and Petroleum & Natural Gas

6.2.3 Mining

6.2.4 Petroleum & Natural Gas



6.2.5 Manufacture of items reserved for production in Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs)

6.2.6 Defence


Services Sector

6.2.7 Broadcasting

6.2.8 Print Media

6.2.9 Civil Aviation

6.2.10 Courier services

6.2.11 Construction Development: Townships, Housing, Built-up Infrastructure

6.2.12 Industrial Parks

6.2.13 Satellites- establishment and operation

6.2.14 Private Security Agencies

6.2.15 Telecom Services

6.2.16 Trading

6.2.17 Railway Infrastructure


Financial Services Asset Reconstruction Companies Banking- Private Sector Banking- Public Sector Commodity Exchanges Credit Information Companies (CIC) Infrastructure Company in the Securities Market Insurance Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC)



6.2.19 Pharmaceuticals

6.2.20 Power Exchanges


Chapter 7: Remittance, Reporting and Violation

7.1 Remittance and Repatriation

7.2 Reporting of FDI

7.3 Adherence to Guidelines/Orders and Consequences of Violation



Annex-1 Form FC-GPR

Annex – 2 Terms and conditions for transfer of capital instruments from resident to non-resident and vice-versa

Annex- 3 Documents to be submitted by a person resident in India for transfer of shares to a person resident outside India by way of gift

Annex – 4 Definition of “relative” as given in Section 2 (77) of Companies Act, 2013

Annex – 5 Report by the Indian company receiving amount of consideration for issue of shares/convertible debentures under the FDI scheme

Annex – 6 Know Your Customer (KYC) Form in respect of the non-resident investor

Annex – 7 Form Annual Return on Foreign Liabilities and Assets

Annex – 8 Form FC-TRS

Annex-9 Form DRR

Annex – 10 ‘No Non-Compete Clause’ Certificate